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About us

Organic Experience...

    Since 2015 Bench View Farms has been on a quest to become organic certified.  In 2018 we partially met that goal with half the farm becoming certified.  As of 2019 we hit our goal of being 100% fully certified with all our grain, an accomplishment we are highly proud of.  It's been a long road getting there but we're so excited to bring our products to you knowing they're non-GMO & chemical free.  From the many long conversations with our customers we found that not using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers is becoming exceeding important in their day-to-day purchases.  Taking care of our health is no longer a back-burner matter.  With today's increase of diseases and allergens it's more and ore important to be cognizant of what we put in our bodies.

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    We're committed to the exclusion of synthetic chemicals on our farm.  We understand that buying local and fresh is one thing, but buying local and organic is a whole new level!

Ancient Grains...

    The fun doesn't stop with organic.  Being a wheat farm we are well aware of the many conflicts that come with wheat, specifically speaking the "G" word -- gluten.  While wheat has many great benefits, for some it just doesn't sit well with their health.  In comes a project years in the making at Bench View Farms...Einkorn.  "What is it?".  Einkorn, also known as Farro, is the oldest known strain of wheat.  It's an untouched, unhybridized grain that dates back more than 5000 year ago and most likely back to the beginning of the fertil crescent.  Due to it's untouched genetic make up many who cannot 'stomach' gluten are able to enjoy wheat once again*.

    We're not stopping at Einkorn.  Ancient grains are becoming more popular and the demand is increasing exponentially.  Aside from their sometimes mysterious and exciting historic appeal ancient grains have a slough of health benefits not found in many of today's grains.  We're so pumped about Einkorn that we hope to provide more of these types of grains as time goes by.

Thank you...

Our motivation is greatly influenced by our customers and you.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated.  Please be sure to follow us on Facebook @benchviewfarmsidaho for updates and special discounts.  We love to hear about how our products are being used along with likes/dislikes and how we can better provide you with great fresh locally sourced items.  If you're new to our farm take a moment to pull up a chair and read Our Story.

- The Bench View Team

* While this is not a guarantee, if you've had health problems in the past with wheat it's always important to consult a physician before trying Einkorn.

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